Goodbye, Relatable and See You Soon Sweden

The people who made my stay in Sweden unforgettable
The people who made my stay in Sweden unforgettable

It’s been a fantastic 2 years working at Relatable, however, it’s time to say goodbye to all the amazing people I met here and move on to something new.

With this shift also comes a change in my lifestyle. I am going to leave Sweden(for a while at least) and try out the nomadic lifestyle, working on my computer from different countries around the world.

But why?

Attending the Nomad Cruise, internalizing my core values and the timing are the main reasons behind this decision. Let me expand on the last 2 motives, as I already wrote about the Nomad Cruise here.


I was reading Dare to Lead by Bene Brown when she started talking about the importance of defining our values and how it can help us when we are faced with hard decisions.

I was kinda aware of mines, but I never thought about it. There was a simple-looking exercise to find them out, so I played along: pick 2 from a list of 50+ which you resonate with the most.

It was extremely hard to choose, but I picked freedom and growth. And in retrospect, it makes perfect sense.

I am addicted to growth in every area of my life and I do my best every day to live up to this. I fail a lot of times as well, but that’s ok, it’s part of the game.

Being control of my own life was always a top priority. Taking control of my mind, being location independent, and being conscious about my aspirations and the steps towards them.

Long story short, I feel that I’ve achieved everything I wanted at Relatable and I am ready to take on new challenges.


This year was marvelous. I’ve moved to a new apartment with friends, managed to immerse myself into life in Stockholm, met amazing people and showed around my family and many of my friends. I’ve started to feel at home.

However, summer is over, and it starts to get dark and cold in Stockholm, my flatmates and a few other friends are going on different paths and I am in the middle of a looking for new opportunities.

My point is that timing is never going to be absolutely perfect. Nevertheless, it feels that this would be the opportunity to get a glimpse of the lifestyle I dreamed about for the last 3 years.

And I can always come back if I want to. 😊

Looking back on the years spent in Sweden

I remember the day when I set foot for the first time in Stockholm and it did not take long to fall in love with the city.

The last 2 years were filled with growth, inspiration and overcoming lots of challenges. I came here with high expectations and Sweden lived up to them.

Was it perfect? Absolutely not, moving to a new country where you don’t know anyone and getting used to a different culture is hard. Making real friendships could be challenging. Not speaking the local language puts you in a disadvantage, even if everyone speaks perfect English.

It was fun not despite these difficulties, but thanks to them. Because once I formed some bonds and started understanding the language, I expressed even more gratitude for this opportunity.

I am extremely grateful for the 2 outstanding years I’ve spent here, to Relatable for entrusting me with a lot of responsibility and to all the wonderful people I’ve spent time with. No matter where life will bring me, I will have fond memories of the time spent in Stockholm.

What’s next?

Would love to tell you, but I don’t know the answer yet. I have a rough plan in my head, but nothing is set in stone.

One thing for sure, I am going to take the rest of the year off to recharge, catch up with family and friends, travel, spend time working on my side projects and find my next professional venture.

Speaking of work, I am open to anything as long as I can do it from anywhere and it is fairly flexible. please reach out to me if you know something which would suit me.

Thanks for reading! 🙏

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