What is the Nomad Cruise?

Group photo at NC7 by Tijmen Hobbel
Group photo at NC7 by Tijmen Hobbel

I’ve joined the Nomad Cruise 7 at the end of 2018, sailing from Barcelona to Brazil in a span of 12 days. But what is this whole thing about?

What is the Nomad Cruise?

In a few words, it’s a floating conference, a global community of location independent professionals, an active workation, personal growth, exploring incredible places and an all-inclusive cruise ship.

The whole conference was started by Johannes Voelkner in 2015. He found a cheap cruise, relocating from Spain to Brazil, posted it in a Facebook group, they had a blast and then Nomad Cruise was born. Since then there were 8 successful editions and it continues to grow.

The idea behind the project is to connect existing and aspiring location independent individuals with each other and form relationships, both personal and business, for life.

Isn’t that only for developers?

Absolutely not. While developers have a big advantage when it comes to working remotely, there are myriads of other options to make the dream work. In fact, less than 20% of the participants on NC7 is coding for a living.

Digital marketers, designers, bloggers, coaches, online teachers, business owners, personal assistants, Airbnb arbitrageurs, real estate investors, recruiters were just some of the professions people had.

It is not even only for people who are already working online. There were dozens of aspiring nomads, travelers on their way to South America and curious people having a vacation.

I’ve even met people, who in the beginning were not interested in this lifestyle, but changed their mind by the end of the journey.

If you want to learn more about this lifestyle, make tons of new friends all around the world or just want to have a vacation with interesting people and visiting beautiful locations, this is a terrific option.

A cruise ship? Is that fun?

Not at all! While regular cruises could be boring, especially if you like active traveling, the Nomad Cruise is different. You can expect hundreds of amazing people, lots of insightful keynote speeches, practical workshops and exciting excursions on land.

This is a community-centric event. Besides the scheduled activities, there are hundreds of meetups all over the boat organized by participants from early morning to late evening.

Bootcamps, public speaking, board games, investing, marketing, photography, lifehacks, e-commerce, design, yoga sessions and so much more.

If the meetups would not be enough, you can even join thematic dinners happening every evening in the restaurant.

While on land, the team gives us the possibility to do excursions. As you could guess by now, there are also activities organized by cruisers. This year for example 70 of us went scuba diving in Cape Verde, thanks to David Vu’s initiation.

Embracing JOMO

Or the Joy Of Missing Out.

FOMO*(Fear Of Missing Out)* is real on the boat. With the plethora of things going on asynchronously, you can not be present at all of them.

While you could have a packed schedule from 8 in the morning until late in the night, it is not sustainable. Trust me, I tried it.

Instead of trying to do everything, narrow down your interests to the essentials, the ones that will give you the most joy and value. Less is almost always more.

But most importantly, enjoy the JOMO **once in a while. **Go for a jog on the 8th deck, read a book near the pool, reflect on the keynotes, take a nap in your cabin or just enjoy the sunshine.

After spending time ”offline”, disconnecting from the craziness of the cruise, you will be ready for your next chapter on board.

Digital detox

If you have the possibility, limit your internet usage to the absolute minimum. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of your phone for a couple of days and enjoy the present moment.

It is not gonna be easy, but it will be so rewarding! For me, the first few days were hard and weird. I found myself reading old conversations on any application with some kind of offline support… After 3—4 days though, I started to stop checking my phone constantly and it felt so peaceful.

The cost and the speed of the internet in the middle of the ocean will give you extra motivation for the detox. It is expensive and really slow.

Final thoughts

I hope that you now have a better understanding of the Nomad Cruise and why it is such an amazing, life-changing experience.

The documentary down below sums up perfectly the whole experience:

Video by Ion Svet

If you have any questions, find me on any of the social media platforms listed below and I am more than happy to answer them!

See you on board🚢 and thanks for reading 🙏.

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