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Life Lessons From the New Zealand Adventure Guide Program

How 3 months in NZ changed me: epic landscapes, new friends, and the bitter taste of failure.

Reflections on Digital Nomading

Why do I love being a digital nomad, how do I deal with the challenges and how much I spend on average.

Ayahuasca, a Journey of a Lifetime

Ayahuasca has the potential to change your life, at least it did for me. This is the in-depth expression of my journey and its aftermaths.

Product Development 101

How to keep it simple and build products with the end-user in mind.

Four Books to Read in 2020

2019 is over, and so is my reading challenge for the year. Thanks, Goodreads, for keeping me accountable; you are doing an excellent job!

What Does Remote Work Mean to Me

Remote work is here to stay. The world is transforming into digital and even more people will be able to do their job without being bound to a physical office.

Goodbye, Relatable and See You Soon Sweden

It's been a fantastic 2 years living in Sweden & working at Relatable, however, it's time to say goodbye and move on to something different.

Wrapping up 100DaysOfCode

Follow up on my previous posts about 30DaysOfCode and the learnings from completing 100DaysOfCode, which I was doing over the summer of 2019.

Making Reading a Core Part of Our Life

Techniques I've used to acquire the habit of reading and went from reading 0 to finishing 50+ books a year. In a rush? Get an e-reader and bring it everywhere.

Debugging Simple Arrow Functions More Efficiently

Never convert an arrow function again to use curly braces if you only want to use console.log for debugging with this simple technique.

My Nomad Cruise Experience

My personal experience and the learnings of my journey across the Atlantic with 500+ digital nomads. A life-changing experience and so many wonderful people.

Insights, Learnings and the Next Steps of 30DaysOfCode

Follow up on my previous post where I committed to code for at least one hour besides work. Here are the learnings and the continuation of this experiment.

50 Minutes to Save the World

Terrified, hopeful, shocked, sad and guilty. These were just a few of the emotions I had while watching this documentary.

What is the Nomad Cruise?

A floating conference, a global community of location-independent humans, an active workation, exploring incredible places and an all-inclusive cruise ship.

Announcing 30 Days of Code

Starting from the beginning of June, I commit to code at least one hour besides work every day for 30 days. I do want to work more on my side projects!

How I Used LinkedIn to Land Dozens of Interviews as a Recent Grad

Build an outstanding LinkedIn profile, introduce yourself to hundreds of recruiters, attend interviews and sign the contract ✅

What Is Relatable in a Nutshell

Relatable, the company why I moved to Stockholm in 2017 and how it is changing my life. Let's jump into it.

What you should know before learning to code

Did you think about learning to code, but had no idea where to start? Not sure if it is the right thing for you? Is it worth all the hustle? I am here for you.

My relationship with coding

The story of how programming became an essential part of my life, what gets me out of bed every morning and how I ended up in Sweden at an exceptional startup

What to consider before moving to a new country

I left home and moved to the beautiful city of Stockholm in 2017. Here are the things I've considered before jumping into it and how I made it smoother.

Solo traveling is a lot of fun!

What? Traveling alone? Are you crazy? Won't you feel lonely all the time? Isn't that dangerous? Why are you even doing it?

What's my story?

This post will give you a better understanding of the content I am going to put out and the ideas I am going to express.

My very first post

This is the first post I've ever published and it marks the beginning of a new journey.

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